March 16, 2012

OMG I’m dying here as I write this.   I got to work again with Assunta Swier, Megan Greenberg and Charlotte Abrams aka the most popular food blog in Sarasota aka The Three Kitcheneers.   I absolutely love these girls with all my heart.   I can’t believe we’ve only known each other for 4 months.  Only 4 wow!  But I have grown a special bond with these girls and it seems like we’ve known each other longer than that.  I love you three so much!!

We shot at an amazing home owned by John & Dianne Ferrari, the set was styled by none other than Sarah Tucker, clothes were by Sam & Liz from my favorite store in town Influence Style and make-up by Eri Vincent from Ana Molinari Salon.

Thank you everyone for contributing to our shoot and making it as successful as it was!!!  I love you all!

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More pictures next week!!  Watch out for it!  But for now here are a few . . .