October 20, 2015

I was overwhelmed and honored beyond belief when I was asked to be Caleb & Liz’s photographer for their wedding.  Not only was I hired for their two day event at The Oxford Exchange and The Ritz Carlton Sarasota but Liz even granted me the courtesy to changed her wedding date to a month later to accommodate my schedule.  Not gonna lie….I cried after we talked on the phone.  That was such a huge compliment and an extreme amount of trust that she showed me for doing that.

Lets begin with the brides wedding dress & shoes….Ramona Keveza and Gianvito Rossi!!!!  I.DIE….over and over again whenever i look at her images, I know everyone including myself has been waiting to see what Liz chose to wear. Liz is Sarasota’s local fashion icon (yes you are Liz).  She co-owns a gorgeous store in town with brands that make my jaw drop every time I see her post on Social Media. Her style and taste in fashion is impeccable and everything I would ever wear myself….lets get it straight….really want to own too. I love her and everything about her, what she wears, her store and just how REAL and kind she is. So her wedding dress choice was definitely much awaited and can be compared to the world awaiting for Princes Kate’s wedding dress debut. Even Caleb said it perfectly during their first look….”It’s you, It’s a Liz dress.” I agree with him a 100%.

Their 2 day wedding affair was PERFECT.  Perfect couple, families, bridal party, friends, guests, vendors and venues. The way they structured both days allowed for everyone who attended to feel special, relaxed and have fun. The first day of their festivities took place at The Oxford Exchange in Tampa.  They opted to have the ceremony and a dinner reception with family and close friends.  The details reflected the brides style…elegant, classy with an edgy twist to it.  I absolutely loved their place cards…polaroid images of their friends and family with my friend Shannon Kirsten’s custom calligraphy work.  Everyone was laughing and having so much fun looking at their images as they make their way to their tables.

Day 2 of their wedding took place at The Ritz Carlton Sarasota. The staging and design was done to perfection by So Staged Events. On this day they opted to do the rest of the traditional toasts and first dances for all to see.  Then it was basically a huge PARTY.  Jonathan Cortez kept the crowd going with their signature EDM playlist.  Caleb being in the music and music festival business had an amazing set that played and the dance floor was packed! The energy of that evening was so high and everyone definitely had a blast celebrating this gorgeous union!

Caleb & Liz: I cant thank you enough for choosing me to photograph your wedding.  I couldn’t believe you went as far as accommodating my schedule.  I’m so HONORED.  Your 2 day affair was beautiful and the best way to celebrating this amazing marriage.  You could just feel the love everyone had for you both during that weekend.  Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for the love and friendship. Big huge thank you to Sam and the rest of the Murray Family and Jones Family for welcoming me with open arms. Love you guys so much

Enjoy their gorgeous images. . . . .

Day 1 Vendors:

Venue: The Oxford Exchange
Florist: La Vie En Rose
Videographer: Current Films, Zach Holmstrom
Hair: Fresh Salon, Bethany Holmstrom
Make-up: Jess Waldrop
Wedding Dress: Romona Keveza
Wedding Shoes: Gianvito Rossi
Grooms Tux: Indochino
Stationary/Illustration: Shannon Kirsten Illustration
Jeweler: Duke Courtney

Day 2 Vendors:
Venue: The Ritz Carlton Sarasota, Kelsey Aholm
Catering/Baker: The Ritz Carlton Sarasota
Event Rentals: So Staged Events
Videographer: Current Films, Zach Holmstrom
Hair & Make-up: Kelly Anne McGraw
Wedding Dress: Romona Keveza
Wedding Shoes: Gianvito Rossi
Grooms Tux: Indochino
Stationary/Illustration: Shannon Kirsten Illustration
Jeweler: Duke Courtney


Gorgeous video by such a talented videographer and friend….Zach Holmstrom of Current Films

CALEB + LIZ from Current Films on Vimeo.



The Oxford Exchange, La Vie En Rose Florist, Current Films, Zach Holmstrom, Fresh Salon, Bethany Holmstrom, Jess Waldrop
Romona Keveza, Gianvito Rossi, Indochino, Shannon Kirsten Illustration, Duke Courtney, The Ritz Carlton Sarasota, Kelsey Aholm, So Staged Events, Victoria Blooms, Victoria Warren, Kelly Anne McGraw, JAC of All Trades, Jonathan Cortez