October 29, 2015

First of all… how amazing is it to be reunited with an old and dear friend after 20 years of not seeing or talking to each other.  But how CRAZY is it to photograph her engagement session, meet her hysterical fiancé and their new Frenchie, Riggins (yes for all you FNL fans that’s where its from…Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose!).  Not only that but I get to document her wedding next year!  OMG!

I’ve known Megan since we were in the 6th grade. Quick fun fact… I found out she grew up and has family in a city called Venice… just south of where I currently live here in Florida.  I was shocked by this piece of information.  Megan (Meg now… but sorry I can only call her by what I called her in the 6th grade..ha!) moved to the Valley in LA.  She was the new girl in the class and I befriended her. I remember that she used to cry and say that she missed the small town where she was from.  Yes that small town is south of Sarasota…see the connection? Her and I still talk about how I tried to make her feel better by using an analogy of a “Jolly Rancher vs. Blowpop.”  What was wrong with me? What I said…I can’t event tell you.  I have no clue if she felt better, but we became friends after that.  Remember how I shot Kiersten’s wedding and engagement?  Well Kiersten, Megan and I were in the same class.  Megan was dropped off at my house in the morning, then we would walk over to Kiersten’s house and then all walk together to school. Yup thats how I know these wonderful ladies and I love that even after all these years we can get together, catch up and talk like 20 years of separation never happened. I love how life comes full circle like that.

I’m so honored and so lucky that I got to shoot Juan and Megan’s engagement session.  They picked the Venice Canals because they use to live in Venice and well she grew ip in Venice, Florida (Hmmm you guys should go to Venice, Italy for your honeymoon!!!!) I’ve also never shot there so I approved. We walked the canals and I just sat back and watched these two goof off and be themselves.  It was awesome.  I was giddy the whole time and kept thinking how cool it was that I was taking pictures of my dear friend and the man that she is going to marry soon.

Megan & Juan – I love you both so much!  Riggins too (even though I’m a Jason Street fan).  Thank you for your love, friendship and trust.  I’m so honored and feel so lucky that I got to take your engagement pictures.  I feel even more blessed because I get to join you and document your wedding next year. Gah! See you in a few days!  Love you guys!