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October 14, 2010

Hey There!

Finally I was able to take some pics of my craft room (or studio… or scrapbook room….whatever).   I’d like to call it my studio but I don’t know why I’m a little embarrassed to call it that.

I’ve also created a page especially for my room.  Look up you’ll see a button there or just click on this LINK

Enjoy the video… let me know if you have any questions.

Also more details available below . . .

Storage Details:

Plastic shoe rack from Target  ::  Punch Holder
Spice Racks from Bed, Bath & Beyond HERE & HERE :: for Stamps, Stickles, Dauber etc.
Mason Jars from Walmart  :: Buttons
Cutlery Holder from Bed, Bath & Beyond :: Re Inkers, etc.
CD Bin from Walmart :: Stamp storage bins
File folder storage  :: Stamp storage
Transparencies & Page Protectors :: Storage for Unity & SU Stamps
JetMax Modular from Michaels  ::  3 drawers  & Paper holder (2 stacked on top of each other)
Black CD Boxes from Ikea  :: Finished cards and envelope holder
Black File folder from Ikea :: Misc paper holder
Plastic file folder by Rubbermaid from Walmart  :: to hold 8.5 x 11 sized stamp sets
Cropper Hopper Paper Storage from Michaels  :: cardstock and paper holder
Cropper Hopper Storage Carts from Joann Fabrics
Spinner Rack ::  Tim Holtz blending tool holder (2 stacked on top of each other)
Copic Storage by Studio 3 Solutions

Materials used for my desk & shelves

All materials used are from the closet section at Home Depot (by Rubbermaid or Closet Maid)
Wall brackets
Track Bracket :: 6.5 in & 11.5 in
Shelves :: 8 in & 11.75 in (depth)
Hooks & Dowels (for ribbon storage)

Magnetic Wall Frame

20 x 30 Picture frame from Michaels
Sheet Metal from Home Depot


Ikea Chair
Black cup holder from Creative Memories
HP B830 wide format printer (gift from my cousin)
Printer desk from Ikea
Blue, Pink & Green Baskets from Michaels
Vinyl Owl (cut by a friend)
Adler/Royal Typewriter from Thrift Store
Chandelier from Irvin Winery Charleston, SC

Thanks for looking!! 🙂



1::  going to ATL and I get to see my friend Trisha
2::  glee
3::  gossip girl
4::  life unexpected
5::  TV!!!!

August 27, 2010

It started with a tweet I saw from Ashley, Tiff, Savitri and Sarah.  I invited myself to their “Skype Crop”  one thing led to another and I offered to organize the first ever virtual crop.

Can you believe that we all were in different parts of the country and 2 were international?

Clouds:: Colorado
Ashley:: Virginia
Kelly Marie:: Cali
Tiff:: Alabama
Paulina:: Washington (Well she was in Colorado that night)
Courtney:: Texas
Laurel:: Jacksonville, FL
Ayana:: Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Me: Sarasota, FL
Savitri: UK
Tina: Copenhagen, Denmark


Here are my top 10 favorite moments that night:
1::  Emma and Jovie making a cameo.  Em hanging out and watching us from her bed.
2:: Amir’s favorite was Laurel and he called her a “quitter”  she ended up chatting from bed by 10pm
3:: Crop husbands made a guest appearance.  Happy that Amir and Mac finally met.  You two dont know it yet but you will be best friends in the future.
4:: “Oh there is a little man behind you” said Ashley.  She was talking about Lucas… Laurels baby boy
5:: “Naomi did you know you have a 4 legged creature behind you?  I didnt want to scare you”  said Ashley again about my dog Cece
6::  We all loved watching tiff “In the zone”  WOW!  I want what she had before she got on camera
7::  Savitri scraps on the floor.  Her amazing creations were created… on… the …floor!  I’m so not worthy Vit!
8:  Ayana wins Miss Photogenic of the night.  Dang that girl looks good on cam!
9::  Sarah and her foreheard for the first 30 minutes she was on.
10::  That we all finally had the opportunity to create together.

To many more virtual crop ladies . . . . Love you all . . . . Bummed I missed Tina and Kelly!  Thank you Vit!!!  We would not have been able to do this without you and your awesome video conference thingy.

Play by play below . . .

(clouds, ayana, me & laurel)

(ayana, clouds, me, laurel & sarah)

(ayana, savitri, laurel, laurel, sarah & sydney)

(ayana, savitri, courtney, me and sarah’s room..hehehe )

(ayana, savitri, ashley, me & laurel)

(ayana, savitri, ashley, me, laurels room & sarah)

(ayana, tiff, ashley, mac, me, amir, laurel & sarah)

(ayana, tiff’ “in the zone”, ashley, amir, laurel and sarah)

(ayana, me, ashley, paulina, laurel in bed & sarah)

I was out by 12m.  Im sure it kept going.   What an awesome time!

I’m so grateful for each and everyone of you!!!



August 23, 2010


I finally created something!  Thanks to my girls via the virtual crop who inspired me to make something.  I have an Oscar like speech but I’ll spare yah.

A little bit about this layout…. so Kathy is my only other Asian friend in town.  I’m sure there are lots out there (especially at Sarasota Memorial) but she’s the only one I hang with and boy do I love that girl.  So creative too!!  I chose to create an 8 1/2 x 11 layout because the lovely and ever so talented Clouds Shadler inspired me.   Honestly I prefer it over 12 x 12 now.   I didn’t feel like I had to fill up the massive space.   Plus I just love the shape.  So Clouds..thank you…mwah!  The ginormous doiley is an overlay from Hambly that I purchased from twopeas.  Amazing isnt it??

So while I was editing these pics… Amir was cracking up to some very obnoxious noises.  He just downloaded a new app on his IPad… wait for it…. “Fart Cushion”.   I won’t lie…. we laughed hysterically for the next couple of minutes.

BTW I’m starting something new…. everyday whether I post or not… I’m going to challenge myself to find 5 things I’m grateful for during my day.  So what about you?  Want to join my challenge?  You don’t win anything but you slowly build a happier life and appreciation for even the littlest things.  See mine below…..

cardstock: su kraft, su very vanilla
paper: pink paisley, fancy pants
overlay: hambly
tape: washi tape from etsy
letters: ac thickers, addornit
stamp: unity KOTM, hero arts
ink: pti black, pti dark brown
punch: fiskars
typewriter: local thrift store


5 Things I’m Grateful for Today:
1.) The weekend break that left me rejuvinated 2.) Fart Cushion App 3.) Ms. Philippines making Top 5 4.) For my friends RSVPing to my bday 5.) Amir buying me Panera for dinner