(Images taken by Bluelane Studios)

I’m Naomi Chokr, a wedding and portrait photographer based in Sarasota, FL and Los Angeles, CA.

In 2011, shortly after I purchased my first Nikon camera, I made the decision to quit my longtime corporate research job in order to pursue my dream of being a photographer—and I’m proud to say I’ve never once looked back.

Since launching Naomi Chokr Photography in early 2012, I’ve met and photographed beautiful people from all over the world, in places I’ve only dreamed of traveling. I’m grateful to call many of my clients my close friends. And though I’m proudly self-taught, I’m fortunate to have been educated by some of the best photographers in the business, including Susan Stripling, Ray Soemarsono and Erwin Darmali of Apertura, Jennifer Cody, Davina and Daniel, and many others. I’ll always be committed to learning more; it inspires me to work harder to perfect my craft.

My style is a twist on classic and modern; my work is timeless, elegant and bold. I love shooting with natural light—that warm, golden glow that wraps itself around you is one of my favorite things in the world. And more than anything, I love being able to capture my clients’ laughter, tears and joy. To me, that raw emotion is what transforms a photograph into a timeless, treasured piece of art.