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December 3, 2013

Yes sorry!  Just now delivered these to my friends.  So holiday cards from everyone you see in this post.  So late this year.  And I take blame for it!  Hahaha!

Ok so I totally lied… I forgot I had one more family session before I ended my year.  Turns out I had several.  But this was different and it was so much fun!!!

Believe it or not shopping stresses the crap out of me now.  Unless its online shopping… therefore I still love the heck out of that.  December is so busy for everyone but it’s definitely the month I have more work than ever and I basically lose a husband to a 7 day/10 hour work week…. poor Amir.  So I just figured that I would offer really quick…lightning speed…straight forward….wedding family portrait style… pictures that my friends can use for their Christmas cards.  Genius!  Whoever shows up… gets pictures.  Presents done in a day.  Well 2 including editing.  No wrapping needed.  Oh this is going to be a yearly present from the Chokrs to my dear friends.

Amir and I plus the punk kids…. Cece & Aoki even got to sneak in a quick pic.  Thanks Jim!!!!!! Sad goofy, the bunny wasn’t included.


These are my Florida parents!!!  Otherwise known as my Blonde Mom, Pam & Mr. Watts, Mike!


The dude that kicks my a$$ twice a week in the gym!  Best trainer ever … puts up with me, Sam and his wife Ilana and son Isaiah


Oh the Gingras Family!!!  I love them all!!!!  Alissa is a dear friend and is responsible for my gorgeous hair.  Kyle & Krista’s red headed babies…. are the reason why I would love red headed babies in the future.  I’m definitely picking me up one in the future. Haha!  (L-R: Keely, Alissa, Kyle, Krista, Jack & Kate)



Oh my heart…. these two.  They were so over me asking them to smile…..


And the Martins…. if you follow me on IG or FB… you will see that I eat with them a lot!  They’re way beyond best friends at this point….they’re family. Not sure what we’ll do without them.


Danielle & Cory!  Oh boy I gained a sister this year and its this gorgeous lady inside and out.  She is amazing and so much fun!!


The Suttons!!!  Brittany, Chad & Donut have pretty much adopted us into their lives.  Donut is so stinkin in love with our Boston.. its hilarious.  Ok maybe not in love… just in heat. Hahaha!  Chad and Amir… so connected by the hip it’s awesome!  Those two together… pretty much a stand up comedy show.  And Brit…. love this dang girl.  We get to go to NY together in a few weeks!  Eeeek!


The Chipurnois!!!! Oh how I’ve missed them.  Nick is now a lawyer and we couldn’t be more proud!  Michala is a hoot and definitely helps liven up any gathering when around.  I love it!  And baby Gabby… still can’t believe she walks now.  I felt like she just popped out yesterday.


Oh look a picture of us YAY!  This rarely happens since I’m always taking pictures of others.  But luckily I handed my camera over to Jim and he snapped this one for us.  Good job!  Thank you Jim!

Look at our two googly eyed monsters… this is a first for us… a picture with the kids… Aoki and Cece.  Sad Goofy our bunny wasn’t included.


Happy Holidays to everyone!!!!

June 25, 2013

This guys has insane DJ skills!!!  Too bad he doesn’t do weddings.  But we have Jam All Day for that!!

DJ Jimbo aka James Martin or Jim as we call him is family!! Him and his wife Julie are beyond the point of best friends to us.  They get us… our humor, are appetites, our ups and downs…. they just get it.  Sunday’s are something we look forward to now as it’s recently become a tradition that we have brunch at a local restaurant in town.  So if you see a bunch of food pictures I’m tagged on, on Sundays… it’s because I’m with them.  🙂

Jim is the guy version of me.  In all aspects from geek speak (well he is way better than this), to likes and dislikes, mood etc.  We’d strangle each other, drive each other mad crazy…. we are so much alike it’s hysterical.  He was in need of new pictures for his side gig as DJ Jimbo for the Boys & Girls Club teen dance parties….as always I would do anything for this guys as I drive him crazy with my website needs.  He pretty much gave me freedom with the creative direction of the images….YES!!  But it’s really an awesome time for me to try new techniques and play around with different types of lighting.  Plus the music is sick!

You can follow DJ Jimbo through his  FB Page or his other alter ego as lead captivator through his official website via Captivation Media Group .



December 6, 2012

Shux!!!  I rarely have asians invade my blog let alone my family!!  Super happy I get to be in a family photo this year.  This NEVER happens.  I actually secretly am envious of all of the family sessions that I do.  It makes me miss my family in the Philippines and California.  You see I don’t have a single blood relative in Florida.  Amir and my pets are my family.  And my friends who have adopted me…. I love you Watts Family and my recent acquisition… Michelle and Brittany’s family.  So when I was in San Francisco last August for work… I had the oppurtunity to spend a few days with my Brother and cousins.  I love that my cousin/sister drove up from Southern California to meet us so we can all have a mini reunion and do what we do best EAT, talk loud,  laugh loud and be highly animated!!!  I love them so much!  I also love that they have kids that Amir and I can take to Target so they can pick out whatever they want and then we return them.  It’s really the best way to have kids!!!  I highly recommend it 🙂

I also got to finally meet my god child who is 3 years old!  Logan is so amazing and so handsome… definitely takes after me!

Oh and I do family sessions quite a bit and trying to pose my family was the toughest!  I could yell at them and order them around but they still dont listen!!



Here are some hilarious outtakes!!!  You know the usual…. kids don’t listen… kicking screaming!  People not listening while trying to pose them….. awkward fake laughs!   Note the adorable little girl… my niece Mika crying bloody murder!  She was sooo over all the pictures!


Outtakes_Family Pictures Portraits Session Temecula Murrietta Hayward San Jose Naomi Chokr Photography Wedding Photographer Sarasota_2000.jpg
Outtakes_Family Pictures Portraits Session Temecula Murrietta Hayward San Jose Naomi Chokr Photography Wedding Photographer Sarasota_2001.jpg
Outtakes_Family Pictures Portraits Session Temecula Murrietta Hayward San Jose Naomi Chokr Photography Wedding Photographer Sarasota_2002.jpg